Have you always used your race bike tires or road bike tires indoors? You may notice that if you are bike training for longer periods of time, your usual tires are not durable enough to meet your demands. If you are new or experienced with indoor cycling sessions, a bike training tire can help you have better indoor riding experience.

So, which tires work best on a trainer? What is the difference between a trainer tire and a standard tire? If you are interested in learning the answers to these questions and more about the best bike trainer tires, you are in the right place!

Bestseller No. 1
KOM Cycling Indoor Trainer Tire 700 x 25c - Indoor Road Bike...
  • PROPRIETARY RUBBER - For 2020, we’ve partnered with industry all-stars Vee Tire Co. to develop a proprietary rubber compound for...
  • LONG LASTING — These indoor bike trainer tires keep you rolling indoors longer by featuring improved longevity owing to...
  • DO NOT DISTURB MODE — Depending on your schedule, you might train while others sleep or watch a movie in the next room. We’ve...
Bestseller No. 2
Continental Hometrainer Folding Tire, Black, 700 x 23cc
  • DESIGNED FOR INDOOR TRAINERS - Special cold compound rubber dissipates heat and creates a durable training tire
  • DURABLE AND QUIET - Unique rubber compound keeps durability high and the sound low
  • FOR TRAINERS OR ROLLERS ONLY - Not suitable for road use, in fact - its really dangerous
Bestseller No. 3
Tacx Trainer Tire, 700c/23-mm
  • The rubber compound minimizes overheating, slippage and wear
  • The Tacx trainer tire is less noisy than regular bicycle tires
  • Not suitable for bicycling outdoors
Bestseller No. 4
GORIX Bike Home Trainer Tire 700×23c Noise Reduction Bicycle...
  • 【Indoor training tires】Training tires for roller stands used for indoor indoor training at home.
  • 【Can be used without worrying about wear】You can train with tires suitable for indoor use by suppressing wear of outdoor...
  • 【Noise reduction and comfort】 You can drive comfortably indoors due to the structure that reduces noise and suppresses slip...
Bestseller No. 5
BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic...
  • Noise (important) - there will be load noise when working with rough tires. Quite when working with road bike tires
  • Works on any surface - Simulates real cycling feel, rubber feet will prevent scratching wood floor. Built with a wide base and low...
  • Easy to install and release - install process is easy. Quick release clamp helps clamps your rear wheel tightly. It also helps to...


1. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro is specifically designed for the home trainer. This brand has been around for decades, and they are continuously proving to be at the top of their game.

Zaffiro Pro features a unique compound and tread pattern. Vittoria modeled the indoor trainer after their workhorse tire. This bike trainer tire has great heat dispersion and noise reduction making it the perfect indoor option.

Wear and tear are reduced by the top-notch rubber construction. You can expect durability and comfort with this trainer. Not to mention it is cost-friendly.

The bright red color brings style to your indoor training session You can easily combine the Zaffiro Pro with a variety of trainers.

2. Continental Hometrainer

Designed specifically for indoor trainers, the Continental Hometrainer comes from a well-known and respected brand.

The Continental brand was founded in 1871 and is one of the oldest names in tires. So, you know you can expect a solid, sturdy, reliable tire with their hometrainer.

Would you like to train without disturbing your family? The smooth construction of this trainer helps to reduce sound, making for a smooth ride.

A notable benefit of this tire is that it works well mountain bikers. The reason being is that you can easily adapt mount it on mountain bike wheels.

The durability is high, and sound is low with this training tire. You get a stiff casing and excellent heat resistance. Traction and tread resistance is amazing.

3. Tacx Trainer Tire

Tacx is another big name in bike trainers. With this brand, you can expect top-quality products. The Tacx training tire has a specially designed rubber compound that helps to minimize wear, overheating, and slippage.

If you are looking for a quiet ride, heat resistance, and overall superior performance, this is a great choice. The blue color ensures that you will not mistakenly take this tire on the road. No matter what size tire you get, they all have low-rolling resistance.

The amazing traction allows you to feel like you are riding on the road. You can expect this trainer to be long-lasting and durable.

4. Kinetic by Kurt

Quiet and smooth perfectly describes the Kinetic by Kurt tire trainer. You can use this tire with the Kinetic trainer or other brands. The dimensions are 700 x 25 which will fit most road bikes.

I like that this trainer improves the grip on the roller resulting in a better training experience. The tire wears well, eliminating the risk of burning rubber.

Because this tire is a little wide and it has a folding bead, it makes it a little difficult to fit over your tire. But, no worries after installation everything fits sturdy and stays in place.

Heat buildup is tremendously reduced with this tire. The vibrant green color is astonishing and clearly reminds you not to use outdoors.

5. Schwalbe Insider

The Schwalbe Insider fits with a variety of wheel sizes. It comes in an electric blue color and it is extremely sturdy weighing 270 g. A major feature of this tire is that it can be inflated between 100-145 psi. It is recommended to always keep the pressure towards the lower end.

If you are a beginner, this is an excellent starting point. The tire has great grip, giving you the traction needed to perform a quality training session.

The sound should not be a problem; you can expect a quiet ride with the Schwalbe Insider. The heat dispersion and noise reduction with this tire are phenomenal.

The benefits of using bike trainer tires

Standard tires are designed for abrasive surfaces like asphalt. They are made to grip; therefore, they are usually rougher and harder. A bike trainer tire is typically made of a rubber compound. These tires are softer which helps them to grip the roller better.

Bike trainer tires are specifically designed so you can train at home. If it is raining or the weather is not superb, no problem! With a bike trainer, you can effectively ride in the comforts of your home.

1. Traction

With indoor cycling, you do not need the same bike features as you would when riding on a road or trail. Traction is a key feature with trainer tires. The goal is to adapt your bike to different riding surfaces.

A trainer tire is made from tougher materials than a normal tire. These tougher materials help to increase traction because of their detailed tread. Indoor cycling requires better traction because your tires are now being forced to work with a trainer as opposed to freely moving on the road.

Another benefit of traction is that on indoor surfaces you will need a good grip. If you do not have an adequate grip, you run the risk of sliding. Most indoor environments are smoother than outside. Due to this, increased resistance is needed

2. Durability

Road tires tend to wear-down from season to season. Fortunately, this is not the case with trainer tires. As a result of their design and construction, they can hold up to high demands. Trainer tires have sturdier and thicker materials that are more durable for indoor cycling.

In the long run, you can save more money by using training tires. This is because you are not constantly replacing your tires or buying extremely expensive road tires. These tires are long-lasting, you can train for more hours, and you don’t have to break the bank while doing it.

3. Heat Resistance

Heat is produced by the friction from the rollers. No one wants to smoke rising in their home from their bike. Make note that this is highly likely if you continue to use road tires. Avoid the smell of rubber melting, this is the benefit that using a bike trainer tire will give.

Bike trainer tires are constructed to be heat resistant to provide you with a hassle-free training session where you don’t have to be concerned with melting tires and reduced friction.

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